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New Baltimore Chiropractors
Dr. Richard Bend – Dr. Ron Bend – Dr. Kevin Denner

Dr. Richard Bend

Dr. Richard Bend

Dr. Richard Bend

Chiropractic care was in the Bend family’s blood as both of Dr. Bend’s parents were chiropractors. His dad graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1925, and his mom graduated from Palmer as well in 1935. They had a very successful practice in Dixon, IL and retired into a practice in Brownsville, TX.

Dr. Bend’s parents witnessed many health-related miracles thanks to chiropractic care. For 20 years they ran a not-for-profit chiropractic educational magazine highlighting the testimonials of those miracles.

Dr. Bend continued the family tradition and graduated from Palmer in 1965. His wife Barbara has always been at his side as his wife, mother to their four children, and his chiropractic assistant… Read More

Dr. Ron Bend

New Baltimore Chiropractor, Dr. Ron Bend

Dr. Ron Bend

Chiropractic has always been a way of life for Dr. Ron Bend. He’s been adjusted since the day he was born. He not only enjoys his practice completely, but also ensures that his patients are in high spirit during the treatment.

Dr. Bend graduated from Life University of Chiropractic in 2003 and this practice is where he always belonged.

“I want to make the world a bit better and healthier. The confidence I have that the body can heal itself without drugs or surgery is motivating to my patients.” Read More

Dr. Kevin Denner

In college Dr. Denner hurt his back and his parents took him to a chiropractor. “I felt better very quickly and that healing made a big impact on my career decision.” Though Dr. Denner always knew he wanted to be medical practitioner, it wasn’t until the healing effect of his personal experience he knew being a chiropractor was it.

“I take pride is sharing how this personal experience changed my perspective on life. Let me show you how chiropractic can change your life too.” Read More

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