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Meet Dr. Ron Bend

“Taking care of patients is my favorite part of my job.”

New Baltimore chiropractor Dr. Ron Bend

Dr. Ron Bend

Born Into Chiropractic

For Dr. Ron Bend, chiropractic has always been a way of life. He’s been adjusted since the day he was born. He not only enjoys his practice completely, but also ensures that his patients are in high spirit during the treatment.

Dr. Bend graduated from Life University of Chiropractic in 2003 and this practice is where he always belonged.

The Chiropractic Philosophy in Our Daily Life

“I want to make the world a bit better and healthier. The confidence I have that the body can heal itself without drugs or surgery is motivating to my patients.”

Dr. Bend believes if he can get his patients off of unnecessary medications they can be much healthier. “It’s not my job to tell you to stop taking your medication, but I’ll work with you toward improvement and ask you to consult with your doctor about reducing and in some cases eliminating them.”

In our practice we’ve seen the need to consume drugs automatically reduce and our patients can see the difference themselves.

Leaving a Lasting Impression

Being in the practice since 1925 is in itself the biggest achievement for Dr. Bend and his family!

Experience speaks volumes. The care that patients have received under Dr. Bend and his father bring them back to Bend Chiropractic generation after generation. He wants this legacy to continue as caring for patients and empathizing with them holds the key to making them feel better.

“We take care of our patients.” Dr. Bend explains that in his office he always includes the patient with decisions made about their care.

Your concerns are important to me and I want to ensure that you’re comfortable communicating with me at all times.” He enjoys being with his patients face to face and derives strength from their health improvements.

Extend a Helping Hand

Dr. Bend has recently been nominated as the chiropractor for the St. Claire Community college. He looks forward to doing his best to help the athletes there.

“I look forward to meeting you. Give our office a call so we can help take of you!” (586) 725-1111