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Meet Dr. Richard Bend

“I still love what I do.”
Grandma and Grandpa Bend

A Family Mission

Chiropractic care was in the Bend family’s blood as both of his parents were chiropractors. His dad graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1925, and his mom graduated from Palmer as well in 1935. They had a very successful practice in Dixon, IL and retired into a practice in Brownsville, TX.

Dr. Bend’s parents witnessed many health-related miracles thanks to chiropractic care. For 20 years they ran a non-profit chiropractic educational magazine highlighting the testimonials of those miracles.

Dr. Bend continued the family tradition and graduated from Palmer in 1965. His wife Barbara has always been at his side as his wife, mother to their four children, and his chiropractic assistant.

Always Active

“Not only do I love serving my patients, but I also enjoy being active in chiropractic associations.”

In his early years of practice, he was involved in the Michigan Chiropractic Council (MCC) where he served as District 1 Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President as well as chairs of various committees. Then, in 1983, he was honored as the MCC Chiropractor of the Year.

In 1992, the International Chiropractors Association honored him with a nomination and election into their fellowship.

Chiropractors and Cowboys

New Baltimore Chiropractor Dr. Richard Bend

Dr. Richard Bend

Since the early 1990’s, Dr. Bend has served as the chiropractor for the World Longhorn Rodeo when they have their rodeo in his area. He gathered a team of chiropractors to adjust the cowboys as well as the rest of the rodeo staff. The cowboys told him that if the rodeo contestants wanted to win, they knew they had to be checked by Dr. Bend and his team. “Our team has adjusted the winner of every event since 1995.”

Outside of the Office

He and his wife love to keep horses for pleasure as well as for riding. In fact, he rides the Michigan Shore-to-Shore trail as a benefit to the Kentuckiana Children’s Center in Louisville, KY. Dr. Bend also loves skiing and motocross. Most importantly, he dearly loves his family.

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