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Meet Dr. Kevin Denner

“I knew I wanted to be in the medical field, but it took a personal experience to help me decide.”

Embracing Chiropractic

In college Dr. Denner hurt his back and his parents took him to a chiropractor. “I felt better very quickly and that healing made a big impact on my career decision.” Though Dr. Denner always knew he wanted to be medical practitioner, it wasn’t until the healing effect of his personal experience he knew being a chiropractor was it.

“I take pride is sharing how this personal experience changed my perspective on life. Let me show you how chiropractic can change your life too.”

Simply Chiropractic

Dr. Denner graduated from Life University of Chiropractic in Georgia in 1991. “I began caring for patients at Bend Chiropractic immediately after completing my education.”

“I love the simplicity of chiropractic care.”

The noninvasive approach appealed Dr. Denner because he never liked medication. Dr. Denner explains, “chiropractic involves a personal touch and the one-on-one doctor patient relationship goes a long way in getting people on the right health track.”

Never Miss an Opportunity to Help Someone

Dr. Denner is proud of being a chiropractor as it always empowers him with the ability to extend a helping hand. “I’ll help you if you’re three days old or 103 years old and everywhere in between.”

Working on a personal level with his patients is what he loves most. It’s an honor for Dr. Denner to help you understand your health issue and explain the miracle of how the body can heal itself naturally.

My Approach to Your Care

“I mostly focus on results, since health improvement is all that matters!”

“My approach to your care depends on your needs.” Dr. Denner’s goal is to help you understand your health issues, explain how chiropractic care can help and see you improve.

“Your spine needs to last a whole life, if you keep it healthy, you’ll stay healthy.”

Discover how you can have a healthy spine. Give Dr. Denner a call at (586) 725-1111 for an appointment now!